Tabula Rasa is a cattery where Maine Coons rule the house since the beginning of 2002.
Character, health and carefully chosen pedigrees have our main attention. All our cats are tested for known heriditary diseases like HCM (ultrasound and DNA), PKD, SMA and Hip Dysplasia.
In our breeding program we like to use cats with outcross pedigrees as well as showlines.

On this website you can read more about our cattery, our cats, as well as our kittens or planned litters. The information and link pages give you more information about interesting subjects. For any questions or remarks, please feel free to send us an email!

For all those people who ask: what does TABULA RASA mean?

TABULA RASA comes from the Latin language and literally means a “clean slate”. The basic idea is that when the child is born, his mind is empty and clean as a “clean slate” and it’s ready for new ideas and knowledge. Through learning and experiencing process the mind is developing and the child is developing too.

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