Our plans for Fall - Winter 2017

Tabula Rasa GoldenGun
Tabula Rasa Heart of Hope
Inbreeding: 10,8%
Top 5: 63,9%
Clones: 29,4%

Kittens of Bullit and Hope are born October 12th!

Fogcity Pepper
of TabulaRasa
TabulaRasa Fela
Inbreeding: 12,7%
Top 5: 66,2%
Clones: 31,9%

Fogcity Pepper
of TabulaRasa
Must be Miraculous
Inbreeding: 14,5%
Top 5: 67,1%
Clones: 31,9%

I'm Invincible PP
Must be Mystical
Inbreeding: 5,11%
Top 5: 45,9%
Clones: 19,3%

Plans can always change, depending on mother nature!

If you are interested in our plans or a kitten, please send us an email

Both parents of our future litters will be tested negative for HCM, PKD, SMA, hipdysplasia and patellar luxation.