Our retired breeders

Tabula Rasa I'm Invincible PP

Born: January 27th 2015

Sire: Behold The Anthem of Nations PP

Dame: Tabula Rasa Merthe

Tabula Rasa Aaralyn

Born: October 3rd 2012

Sire: Tabula Rasa Norton

Dame: Tropikoons Isis of TabulaRasa

Tabula Rasa Merthe

Born: March 5th 2007

Sire: Fogcity Ferrari of Tabula Rasa

Dame: Tricks and Tails' Pina Colada

Tabula Rasa Cooper

Born: Febuary 1st 2005

Sire: Helkenberg Jarvis

Dame: Tricks and Tails Pina Colada

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