Tricks and Tails' Pina Colada

Born: June 15th 2003

Sire: Ch. Terrificats Maker's Mark

Dame: Doublebee Maine Cheri

Tabula Rasa Cara

Born: Febuary 1st 2005

Sire: Helkenberg Jarvis

Dame: Tricks and Tails Pina Colada

Tabula Rasa Merthe

Born: March 5th 2007

Sire: Fogcity Ferrari of Tabula Rasa

Dame: Tricks and Tails' Pina Colada

Carramazza Takenbye Storm

Born: March 15th 2007

Sire: Carramazza Kaptain Corelli

Dame: Jaxgals Kayli Coon

Fogcity Ferrari of Tabula Rasa

Born: June 10th 2005

Sire: Ch. Koontucky Harper

Dame: Ch. Le Beau Minu Henna

McDenzinger Jura of Tabula Rasa

Born: March 12th 2010

Sire: Mainesuspect Mad Max of McDenzinger

Dame: Nascat Mille Miglia of McDenzinger

Athabaske's Brook Road Baby

November 17th 2008 - Febuary 2nd 2017


October 12th 2001 - October 23rd 2016

Tropikoons Isis of Tabula Rasa

January 25th 2011 - August 5th 2016

A Nice Moon Danica

March 6th 2008 - August 22nd 2016


CosyCoons Jody
aka Nikita

October 21st 2001 - May 28th 2015

Our first Maine Coon, a silver tabby dream come true.
The reason we got addicted to this breed.
We miss our girl..


Tricks and Tails Purdy Brown
April 13th 2003 - November 11th 2014

We miss our sweet girl..

  IC Tabula Rasa Haydee
May 16th 2006
- May 10th 2014

Haydee was a super sweet en huge girl. She always impressed everyone with her impressive size and very friendly temperament. Unfortunately she had sever gingivitis which caused her much uncomfort. Close to her 8th birthday her organs gave up and it was time to give her rest.
We will always miss this sweet girl..

McDenzinger Atlantis
March 14th 2009 - June 10th 2010

In a short period of time Laney got very sick and we were forced to make a hard decision to let her go. She died of multi organ failure of unknown cause.


Browns River Byron
August 22nd 2006 - December 25th 2010

Much to our shock we found Byron dead right before Christmas diner.
He died of heartfailure (HCM suspected but not proven).


Jocelyn of Canpaza
July 15th 2004 - October 2011

Jocelyn was placed in a pethome in 2006, much to our sadness circumstances changed and Jocelyn died of neglected kidney problems.


IC Bigfoot of Coon-Castle
Febuary 16th 2004 - July 2nd 2012

Bigfoot was a great boy and much loved. Unfortunately he turned out to have HCM and died at the age of 8 years as a results of this.