Retired breeders living in a new home

Sometimes we need to rehome one of our cats, since not all cats are happy in a multiple cat household. Some are too dominant and some are being teased by others. Rehoming is not easy for us and we always want to find the perfect home where the cats can be happy for the rest of their life.

Tabula Rasa I'm Invincible PP

Born: January 27th 2015

Sire: Behold The Anthem of Nations PP

Dame: Tabula Rasa Merthe


TabulaRasa Must be Miraculous

Born: July 21st 2016

Sire: TabulaRasa GoldenGun Bullit

Dam: McDenzinger Jura of Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa Yuliya

Born: May 25th 2011

Sire: Tabula Rasa Norton

Dame: McDenzinger Jura of Tabula Rasa

Quinsigamond Rowan of Tabula Rasa

Born: October 1st 2009

Sire: Mainelyclassic Yuma of Quinsigamond

Dame: Sarajen Sunapee of Quinsigamond

Tabula Rasa Norton

Born: August 5th 2007

Sire: Thunderpaw Baxter Snowalker

Dame: Tabula Rasa Faith

Tabula Rasa Faith

Born: March 30th 2006

Sire: Tabula Rasa Cooper

Dame: Coonmoonrising DzjingleBelle

Tabula Rasa Levana

Born: Febuary 25th 2007

Sire: Fogcity Ferrari of Tabula Rasa

Dame: Tabula Rasa Cara

Tabula Rasa Elysia

Born: November 11th 2005

Sire: IC Bigfoot of Coon-Castle

Dame: Jocelyn of Canpaza

Tabula Rasa Daisy

Born: June 24th 2005

Sire: IC Bigfoot of Coon-Castle

Dame: Tricks and Tails Purdy Brown