Fogcity Pepper of Tabula Rasa

Born: August 6th 2009

Sire: Coonyham Tamalpais Tom of Fogcity

Dame: Sarajen Nidoba of Fogcity

Mainelyclassic Tate of Tabula Rasa

Born: April 9th 2009

Sire: LA, IW, SGC Mainelyclassic Nightstalker

Dame: Quinsigamond Brie of Mainelyclassic


Ch. Tabula Rasa GoldenGun Bullit

Born: July 6th 2014

Sire: IW SGC SaraJen Solo of ANiceMoon

Dame: Ch Tropikoons Isis of TabulaRasa

Upcoming boys


Kagoza Julius

Born: Feburay 27th 2017

Sire: Coonshags Basic Element

Dame: Kagoza Lady Marmalade

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