After having had house-cats for several years we visited a cat show. We immediately fell in love with the Maine Coon, his impressive looks and sweet temperament, the Gentle Giant.
Seeing that, we knew we had to have a Maine Coon. It didn't take long or not one but two Maine Coons entered our household, Kyarah and Nikita.

After gaining a lot of information, talking to other breeders and a lot of thinking we decided we wanted to breed with this fantastic breed, the Maine Coon. We were very lucky that Astrid and Leo of cattery Tricks and Tails' trusted us with 2 girls from their breeding program and helped us with our start in breeding. One of these girls, Tricks and Tails' Pina Colada has become the foundation of our cattery.
Our cattery is registered since 2002, we try to stay a small cattery with approx 3 litters a year so we have enough time to enjoy and socialise our kittens into loving cats.

All our breedingcats are tested for HCM (ultrasound and gen test), PKD, SMA, Hipdysplasia, patellar luxation and Felv/Fiv. We have shown our cats in the past a lot in FIFÈ, but that has decreased over the years, we now show mainly TICA..
In our breedingprogram we prefer to use cats with outcross pedigrees as well as showlines. We try to keep our inbreeding percentages low, and add to genetic diversity.
Our boys have the topfloor of our house where they have a large roof terrace so they can go in and out as they like. Our girls and neuters live with us in the rest of the house and are one groups of cats. Our cats are not caged but live with us underfoot, the are most of all our pets! Kittens are born in our bedroom where they stay until 3-4 weeks of age, then they come into the livingroom to participate in our everyday live. This way we feel the kittens are well socialised and have experienced many new things before they move to their new home.

We like to keep updated with the last news in regard to having and breeding cats and therefore also visit lectures, workshops and seminars. In 2009 we also attended the Pawpeds G1 course, which I can recommend to every catowner and any one who wants to get into breeding or is a breeder!

Our cattery is registered in TICA, we are members of Cats and Tulips and Rasclub Maine Coon. We also registered our catteryname in CFA and FIFE.